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The Worst Best Years

  • The Worst Best Years

What did the prospectuses leave out?

THE WORST BEST YEARS is the second anthology from Acid Bath Publishing. Bringing together the work of 29 writers of poetry and prose, it is a thorough investigation into the underside of university life. Featuring tales of debauchery, spontaneous sleepovers, and harrowing hangovers, this anthology examines what really defines the student experience - the worst, the best, and everything in between.

Contributors include: Sadie Maskery, James McDermott, Georgia Hilton, N.J. Foley, Josh Ellis, Amy Bobeda, Ben Ambrazaitis, E. Hartley Smith, Gerry Stewart, Charlotte Goodger, Julie Irigaray, Helen Bowie, Katherine Shirley, Dale Booton, Nicole M. Wolverton, Alastair Hesp, James Rance, Arun Jeetoo, Carl Burkitt, Angela Lavelle, Jonah Corren, HLR, Teo Eve, Hélène Demetriades, Mike Hickman, Andy Breckenridge, Laura Newberry, Pramod Subbaraman, and Daniel Hinds.

100 pages, A5
ISBN: 978-1-8381789-1-8