Three Anthologies Set

  • Three Anthologies Set

Get our first three anthologies in a special offer!

WAGE SLAVES is an expansive catalogue of the trials and indignities of modern working life. Gathering stories and poems from around the world, this anthology covers a range of unfulfilling roles, from fast food work to teaching, office jobs to retail, targeting all with a ruthless sense of humour and directness.

Bringing together the work of 29 writers of poetry and prose, THE WORST BEST YEARS is a thorough investigation into the underside of university life. Featuring tales of debauchery, spontaneous sleepovers, and harrowing hangovers, this anthology examines what really defines the student experience - the worst, the best, and everything in between.

TRAVELS & TRIBULATIONS embarks on a series of trips, outings, and holidays away. From the rain-soaked platforms of Leeds Station to the frozen tundra of Antarctica, this selection of poems and stories will transport you to some of the most familiar and outlandish destinations. Hilarious and heartbreaking, turbulent and haunting, this anthology navigates the complexities of exploration, documenting the diverse richness of this planet we all call home.