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Travels & Tribulations

  • Travels & Tribulations

Embark on a series of trips, outings, and holidays away in this third anthology from Acid Bath Publishing. From the rain-soaked platforms of Leeds Station to the frozen tundra of Antarctica, this selection of poems and stories will transport you to some of the most familiar and outlandish destinations. Hilarious and heartbreaking, turbulent and haunting, TRAVELS & TRIBULATIONS navigates the complexities of exploration, documenting the diverse richness of this planet we all call home.

Contributors include: Hélène Demetriades, Sadie Maskery, Rebecca Riddell, Wendy Allen, Plum Urquhart, RC deWinter, Wayne Connolly, Brianna Ferguson, Niall M Oliver, Mike Hickman, Naomi Marklew, Lara Frankena, Ryan Gibbs, Sandra Aliandy, N.J. Foley, James Rance, Zach Murphy, Simon Alderwick, Robin Vaughan-Williams, Petra Bódig, DW Evans, Daniel Hinds, Jeff Gallagher, Ben Ambrazaitis, Sonia Burns, Alyson Hasson, Arden Hunter, Addison Williams, Franco Gabriel, and Angharad Williams.

82 pages, A5
ISBN: 978-1-8381789-2-5
Cover art by James Rance