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A Pocket Anthology of Addiction and Recovery

This project will be our first in a series of pocket anthologies, this time focusing on our unhealthy relationships with substances and compulsive behaviours. We are seeking poetry and flash fiction on the subject of personal struggle and triumph over addiction, writing that reminds us where we have been, what we’ve overcome, and what we risk losing if we ever go back. This might include attacks on abusive and exploitative industries, accounts of the suffering and mistakes we or those we are close with have made, or reflections on recovery and improved lives.

Disclaimer: This is intended as a considerate and empathetic look at the struggles of addiction and the strength it takes to beat it. While recovery is definitely worth celebrating, we will not tolerate any writing that glorifies, trivialises, or stigmatises the experience of addiction or those who live through it.

Please submit up to 10 poems no longer than three sides of A4 and 3 flash fiction pieces, each no more than 700 words, to Feel free to submit writing in multiple forms. Previously published work is welcome as always (as long as you hold the rights to it and we are able to credit the original publisher). Simultaneous submissions are also acceptable but please notify us as soon as your work is accepted elsewhere. There is a possibility we will still be able to reprint it.


Cover letters are not essential but please include a brief bio of no more than 70 words. We aim to send responses out within 3 months of submission but this may take longer. We will attempt to respond sooner if possible. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any payment at this stage, however, successful contributors will receive a free copy of the anthology.

Given the sensitive subject matter of this project, you are more than welcome to submit anonymously. Please do consider the possible social implications you might face before submitting work with your identity attached.


NHS Quit Smoking

Alcohol Change UK

Narcotics Anonymous
Tel: 0300 999 1212

Gamblers Anonymous

Tel: 0300 123 6600

Due to the complexities we expect to face with formatting and printing, publication is not expected until towards the end of the year. This is only a rough estimate and we will make every effort to get the book released sooner.

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