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A Pocket Anthology of Addiction & Recovery


The first in a new series of Pocket Anthologies, this selection of international poetry and flash fiction foregrounds struggles with addiction in many of its pervasive forms, while celebrating individual efforts and approaches towards recovery. Compiling work from over 50 writers of various styles and genres, this book aims to undermine stigma-driven perspectives and present genuine experiences with creativity and candour.

*Content Warning: references to sexual assault, eating disorders, self-harm, suicide, domestic violence*

Contributors include: Simon Alderwick, Wayne Connolly, Carl Burkitt, Ilias Tsagas, Colin Dardis, Laura Ellyn Newberry, Rab Green, Megan Kathryn Heywood, James Callan, Bud Sturguess, Sonia Burns, Charlotte Cosgrove, Amanda Deutch, Riyad Zine, Mike Hickman, Joshua Merchant, David Hay, Simon Maddrell, Rebecca Riddell, MNJames, Olivia Heggarty, Suzy Pasqualetto, Joe Pickard, Jeff Gallagher, Sam Megahy, Mathew Gostelow, Ivan de Monbrison, Becca Fang, Nash Reynolds, F.E. Clark, Fiona Heatlie, Josh Lefkowitz, David Hays, Arbër Selmani, Ed Ridgley, JP Seabright, Kelly Talbot, N.J. Foley, Piaras J. Hale, Bernard Pearson, Al Bristow, Ryan Gibbs, Daniel Hinds, Zary Fekete, Grace Burrill, Sarah Radice, Anna Jackson, Josh Brittain, Tess P., Elise Hesk, Dany Bowen, Zach Murphy, Spencer Wood, Kathryn Reilly, and Rebecca Denvers.

266 pages, A6
ISBN: 978-1-8381789-4-9
Pocket Anthologies #1
Published June 2023