Acid Bath Publishing is an independent publishing house founded in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in May 2020. We are dedicated to publishing fiction and poetry that is clear, candid, and corrosive. Contact us by email at acidbathpublishing@gmail.com.





Paul Whelan photo

Paul Whelan, Editor

Paul Whelan is a poet and fiction writer turned publisher. He has lived in Sheffield, York, and London, where he studied MA Publishing. Since 2020, he has edited and published four anthologies and three poetry collections through the small press.


James Rance, Guest Editor & Cover Artist

James Rance is a poet, novelist, and collage artist based in York, North Yorkshire. Influenced by surrealism, imagism, psychedelia, and the slightly absurd, his work aims to give the reader strange sensations and vivid emotion. His poetry and artwork have appeared in Forge Zine, Living Artists, and The Moon and the Echo (Pilot Press, 2021). His debut pamphlet, Bagworm (Greenteeth Press), was released in February 2020, followed by his first collection, Wheel of Light, in July 2023.

Instagram: @james.rance48


Becca Drake, Poetry Reader

Becca Drake is a writer, poet, and critical-creative based in York. She/they completed a PhD in medieval English and Icelandic literature at the University of York (2023). Her/their work focuses on east coast histories and literature, maritime environments, and the place of the human in the natural world. Becca was poet-in-residence at the Hull Maritime Museum (2021). Her/their chapbook The Maritime Museum & The City (2023) is published with Thin Ice Press. Becca has poems in ReliquiaeBlack BoughFly on the Wall, and was highly commended in the Hive Young Writers competition (2022). Find out more at beccadrake.weebly.com.

Twitter: @RLDrake
Instagram: @r.l.drake


Charlie Plumb, Fiction & Poetry Reader

Charlie Plumb is a writer and filmmaker based in the east of England, with a distinct interest in the outdated and throwaway - cheap paperbacks, old movies - and the tensions between these and our modern digital culture. He wrote nearly two dozen short stories and a novelette in 2022, which can be found on his website: hilariousreference.video.blog. He owns more guitars than he knows what to do with.

Twitter: @Cplumbwriter


Beth Bartell, Fiction & Poetry Reader

Beth is a graduate with a Bachelors in History. She has a particular love for fantasy fiction and queer poetry. Beth is currently collecting books published by the Women’s Press and whatever else she can get her hands on from the local parade of charity shops. When she’s not working she can be found at home with her cat, Fig, or escaping reality momentarily.


Errol-Graham Harsley, Fiction & Poetry Reader

Errol-Graham is a North Yorkshire-based freelance writer, spending his days writing both fiction and non-fiction works; often in the company of two clingy terriers. He has a special interest in food history and aims to make the history of food as accessible as possible. His zine, Errol's History of Food: Midwinter Feasts, is published by Greenteeth Press.

Twitter: @cheekylittleowl
Instagram: @errolgh


Roxy, Editorial Assistant

Roxy (a.k.a. Roxella) is a Labsation crossbreed from the RSPCA Doncaster, Rotherham and District Branch. She moved to Sheffield in October 2021 where she assists with everything from typesetting to proofreading.


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