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Wheel of Light by James Rance

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Invoking the tempestuous spirit of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring, WHEEL OF LIGHT traverses uncharted realms of prosperous growth and devastated wastes, in observance of ancient rituals and awakening gods. This four-part selection of suspenseful, animistic poetry and art captures the turning of seasons through glimpses of esoteric rites, uncanny incidents, and frenzied visions of upheaval and unrest. James Rance’s first poetry collection pays homage to preceding literary movements of surrealism and imagism, while cultivating a bold style distinct from modernist traditions. Permeated by awe and unease, this amalgam of creative work blends the monumental and minute, the primitive and ethereal, the mystical and the miasmic, delving into an immense mythos of cyclical cataclysm and rebirth.

Order a signed copy or bundle with James' debut pamphlet BAGWORM (Greenteeth Press, 2020) to support the author's work!

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80 pages, A5
ISBN: 978-1-8381789-5-6
Cover art by James Rance
Published July 2023