Thank you to everyone who sent us their work for our latest submission call. Your submissions are currently being considered and responses will be sent out ASAP. 


The next anthology from Acid Bath Publishing is open for submissions! Guest edited by Wheel of Light author, James Rance, Night Terrors will be an anthology of the drunk and disorderly, the debaucherous and the Dionysian. For this publication we will be accepting poetry, prose, and - for the very first time - visual art!

Nightlife is more than just drinking until we can’t walk in a straight line - it serves an important role in our society. Under late-stage capitalism, the majority of us struggle with burnout, exhaustion, and intense stress as a result of our day jobs. Nightlife gives us the welcome chance to shed the drudgery of our normal lives and release some pressure. The night is for catharsis, for revelry and liberation. We can dress up, drink ourselves silly, and dance away the burdens we carry with us. If we want to, we can become someone else or delight in freely expressing every part of ourselves. 

It is not all idyllic and beautiful, however. Nightlife can be dangerous and messy, and the Dionysian call of intoxication can just as easily lead to suffering and addiction as it can provide a space for catharsis. Who doesn’t have a story of a night out that has gone very, very wrong? Who can say they haven’t been the person spewing their guts into the street or falling down the stairs of some run-down nightclub, only to find themselves thrown out by the bouncers moments later? 

We’ve all been there, and we know how beautiful and how ugly the night can be. So bring us your tales of glory and woe, the glamorous parties and dive-bar fights, the endless nights of drugs and dancing, the sex and sweat and the one-pint-too-many.


Send us your work via our Google form!


Poetry - up to 4 individual poems, each under 3 sides of A4

Prose - maximum of 3 short stories/CNF pieces, no longer than 2,000 words in total

Artwork - as many as 4 jpeg images (ideally with titles)


Previously published work is welcome, as always (as long as you hold the rights to it and we can credit the original publisher). Simultaneous submissions are also acceptable but please notify us at if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Please expect a response within 3 months of your submission. We will attempt to respond sooner, if posssible. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any payment at this time, however, successful contributors will receive a free copy of the book.

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Submissions close 30th June at midnight BST. Good luck!